The Summit hosted our first Creative Exchange Lab, 13 exceptional UK artists explored their practice and created artworks and provocations through workshops led by international artists Kameelah RasheedDorothee Munyanaza and Cigdem Aydemir

Chisara Agor collaborated with live art photographer Manuel Vason to create visual works based around a track from her EP Dream State, a critique based on the Guy Debord's society of the spectacle. Speaking of our shared dream state of affairs; a society that sleepwalks through crisis and strife. Although a critique Chisara offers an element of hope, the light in middle of the world a shared humanity and wish for change and love.


"Wake me up when the world is over" 


Chisara Agor, Creative Exchange Lab 2019, In Between Time © Manuel Vason.jpg

Arts Mansion Bristol October 2019