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3 digital collages and accompanying sound pieces exploring the notion of JOY. Audiences are invited to meditate on the visual pieces and sound art simulataneously, allowing them to escape and fully immerse themselves into the art

Three pieces attempt to draw links between cosmology, ecology, black joy, music and community. In the more literal sense Proclamation takes the form of a protest, reflecting on the recent unrest around the world. However Proclamation inverts this scene often marked by great pain and grief by adding joyful song lyrics on the signs of protestors from well known black musicians and bands, songs that have been the soundtrack to many hopeful and joyful days. Dancing With My Chi, asks viewers to re connect with themselves and enjoy this inner transformation .Chi is a concept from igbo cosmology, being the guardian spirit version of self that exists beside you. A true connection with self is the harmony and symbiotic relationship between these states of being. Lastly, Morning Sun is an abstracted notion of community and joy and connection to nature and the world, as self love being employed as a method of seeing the immaterial connection between ourselves and the natural environment.

Proclamation Audio
Dancing With My Chi audio
Morning Sun audio