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Founded in 2010 by Nick Luscombe, Musicity is a site-specific sound/arts practice that invites musicians and recording artists to compose tracks in response to buildings and locations in cities around the world.

Musicity supports and promotes new music while transforming the experience of listening.

The Faraday Memorial

"The first thing I did was head to the site -  The Faraday Memorial is a building that always puzzled me as a child. It was for me a shiny metal box in the middle of the crazy roundabout of Elephant and Castle. Little did I know that it was a memorial for an acclaimed scientist."



A piece of music/immersive sound design that relates to the Faraday Memorial, using reverb frequencies digitally constructed by  architects based on the perceptions of the memorial building. 

The piece created uses the electromagnetism of the building to relate the relationships between the physical nature of the building and the social space in which it exists. Where communities in the surrounding area currently contesting their neighbourhoods, culture and resisting their erasure.