Chisara Agor has been awarded a MGCFutures Bursary to develop her new musical The Garden. This will culminate in three professional demo recordings and a reading week with professional actors. 


The Garden is a new musical with Book and Music by Chisara Agor and orchestration by Robin G Breeze. 


South London, present day (ish) the inner-city bustles ad sweats as estates sit proudly among blue skies. Summer is around the corner and the heat seems to cast a spell on the asphalt. In this corner of the world developers are circling and the residents feel left to their own devices. Two school girls, Azalea and her best friend Tosin have an encounter that will change their lives forever when a towering garden springs from the crack in her estate bringing her closer to their community and to the ancestral plane.The Garden speaks of finding your way back to your roots and loving there.​

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Actor and singer Chisara Agor: 'We need to embrace new stories and not rely on old-fashioned ideas of what life should be like''

What projects do you have coming up?
I’m writing a musical at the moment called The Garden. It’s about a girl who plants a seed in the middle of her estate and a whole garden grows. It explores communities and how we can take care of each other.