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New Creatives, a nation-wide series of commissioning opportunities developed by BBC Arts and Arts Council England for emerging artists who work with audio or moving image. What We Do In Dreams  is a sound and music journey through dream narratives led by recordings of participants recounting their dream experiences and the relationship between that dream and their waking life.  The aim of the piece will be to transport the listener to a place where they can reflect on the nature of consciousness, reality and states of being. 

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Chisara Agor's work moves between many practices, from using their own body as a subject in self portraits, to elaborate collages mixing photography and mixed media. See more here.



A panel of judges, including leading figures across contemporary music, chose six artists at the forefront of sound and music.:

Chisara Agor's project will raise awareness of UK air pollution and the affect it has on people and the planet, while bringing attention to the intersections of class, race and politics. Sound Generator will give her the opportunity to develop ideas around where music, film, performance and activism can connect.

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A new musical in development based in inner city London.  Magical realism and an afro-folk-electronic soundscape are used to shed light on the necessity of social housing through the eyes of a young girl and her maternal relationships. In partial development and supported by an MGC Futures bursary. 



A composer, actor and writer in her own right Chisara Agor has collaborated with theatre companies, directors and organisations. Chisara also facilitates creative workshops such as drama, music and dance with local communities including Theatre Peckham, Mountview Academy and others.



BREATHE film 6

Tales From The Frontline Series
The pandemic presents a challenge to Black key and front-line workers, especially after the Windrush Scandal and global Black Lives Matter movement. Now, many are demanding that a changed society must emerge from it. 
In the final Tales from the Front Line instalment we explore the possibility of hope and joy. With writing, choreography, music and performance by Chisara Agor let her take you on a journey of reflection, healing and reconnecting with one's breath.



20/21 Spitalfields Music Open Call Artist.  Chisara's installation will centre around people’s stories of being/feeling unseen and seen in daily life. It asks us to explore what we experience when we sit between two states of being. This will culminate in an interdisciplinary installation of  visual art. music and performance at the Rich Mix London July 2021



A sound piece for Elsie Owusu's Gallery Of Returning Treasures in Kumasi, Ghana. An architectural/activist  project which deals with questions which touch on notions of dis-settlement and re-settlement of artefacts, taken from their original use-in-culture. Presented as part of the London Design Festival 2020.

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A visual art and audio project by Chisara Agor commissioned by MAIA Group Joy explores how our connection with nature and being can bring hope and light into our lives, if only for a moment.

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